Dino Brusco

I founded my consulting practice in 2012 and have helped international clients to build and grow their business. I offer a full spectrum of services including business planning, product planning, business development, mobile app development and growth marketing.

– Does your company offer smart devices or software applications?
– Do you need help to build, re-invent or accelerate your business?
– Do you need a plan with a laser-like focus on specific target markets?
– Are you a startup with a vision but no funding?
– Do you need to build and globally scale your mobile app?
– Do you need to grow revenues or accelerate user growth?

My experience includes:
– Founder of consulting services company helping businesses plan, build and launch new offerings
– Business/product planning, business development, app development and growth marketing
– Corp leadership @VP in Innovation, Mobile Devices, App Development, Marketing and Engineering
– 10+ years of executive experience taking consumer products from concept to global scale
– A proven track record of delivering new mobile solutions to millions of consumers
– Extensive work with/for startups

For more information about my services and customers see: www.thecatinogroup.com.