Gail Christine Gannon

Gail Christine Gannon, MSPH has spent over 20 years in the industry, with extensive end-to-end experience working with health care providers, hospitals, health plans, NGOs and government organizations, biotech, digital health companies, all making her an engaging and inspiring mentor. She is best known as a fresh idea generator & matchmaker, who enjoys partnering great people with great technology.  Gail is well connected and successfully matched companies with strategic pharma-partners and investors, e.g. for Daiichi, Abbvie, & Boerhinger Ingelheim. As the Program Officer for Institute for OneWorld Health, she established a due diligence process and secured funding for five drug programs. Gail chairs a BIO educational section “Value, Patient Access, & Commercialization”, and is a mentor for US MAC, California Life Science Association, and UCSF Lean Launchpad Bio-entrepreneurs. Gail was a Patricia Roberts Harris Fellow at Harvard University.  She also holds a certificate of Honor in Biotechnology from the University of California at Santa Cruz.