Market Validation Program (MVP)

The USMAC Market Validation Program provides a proven methodology for fast, effective US market entry. It enables companies to:

  1. Validate their business model and distribution strategy for the US
  2. Identify and recruit early adopters and reference accounts
  3. Transfer Silicon Valley knowledge, know-how and network

The program is a LEARNING-BY-DOING CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT PROCESS that is jointly executed by company executives and US MAC experts/mentors working out of the office side by side.

Program Deliverables

  • Individual one-on-one mentoring by USMAC executive – ca. 30 hours
  • Individual one-one-one mentoring by industry expert– ca. 30 hours
  • Review of value proposition, customer targets, competitive solutions and positioning
  • Customer facing pitch deck
  • One-page executive summary
  • 10-12 meetings with potential customers and partners
  • Creation and Review of a Key Findings and Next Steps presentation outlining the Go-to-Market strategy
  • Optional – work desk at RocketSpace (San Francisco) or The Pad (Menlo Park)

Timing – 8 to 10 weeks of calendar time

  • Phase 1: We review business model, value proposition and target customers making strategy adjustments as needed
  • Phase 2: Through our network we reach out to secure customer and partner meetings. During this time we continue work on slide deck, one pager and email scripts and we prepare for meetings.
  • Phase 3: USMAC senior executive and an expert mentor participate with company in customer and partner meetings
  • Phase 4: Company creates a “Key Findings and Next Steps” presentation based on the results of our customer meetings. We set up a Review Board to provide feedback by seasoned experts.

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