Angel Investor Training


USMAC’s Angel Investor Training program provides a comprehensive overview of the angel investing process, utilizing best practices established in Silicon Valley by Silicon Valley Angels Investors and experts. This program offers an in-depth knowledge for traditional angel investors to transform a risk-averse mindset to a more risk-embracing reality.

Ideal candidates for the program consist of both current seed stage fund managers, as well as new entrants to angel investing. The program is carried out over a 3-day period and is delivered by representatives of leading established Angel Investors from Silicon Valley.

USMAC has delivered its Angel Investor Training program to dozens of active investors from Europe over the last three years.

Program Elements

The Angel Investor Training program consists of the following key elements:

  • Overview of Silicon Valley Angel Investing
  • Beyond the Business Plan: What to look for in a Founding Team
  • Effective Strategies for Transforming Traditional Investment Environments
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Structuring the Deal
  • Due Diligence
  • Preparing your portfolio companies to doing business in Silicon Valley
  • Getting Alignment: Making sure entrepreneurs and investors are on the same page
  • Being an Effective Mentor/Advisor: What entrepreneurs want and need from their Angel Investors
  • Valuation
  • Post-Investment Relationship
  • Legal aspects
  • Building a Syndicate: Finding and selecting other investors

The customized program will help you to:

  • Expand availability of early-stage equity capital in your region by training relatively new investors in angel investing, utilizing the best practices from Silicon Valley.
  • Help angel investors develop a more informed understanding of risk, and the role it plays in the process.
  • Create and support a group of angel investors to syndicate capital, evaluate deals, invest in technology companies and mentor them towards growth and success.
  • Improve your return on investment by adopting a process for evaluating and monitoring potential opportunities
  • Learn and become inspired by case studies of Silicon Valley’s greatest successes and failures.
  • Educate and influence the entrepreneurial ecosystem (universities, economic development professionals, incubator and accelerator coaches, innovation agencies and policy makers) to service and guide their constituents towards more successful investments.
  • Enhance the interaction that opens up future collaboration with other angel investors from your region, as well as angels and angel networks in Silicon Valley and around the world.