USMAC’s TechMatch in Silicon Valley program focuses on matching your region’s top startups with the needs of Silicon Valley corporate investors and VCs. Since 2013, USMAC has held 7 TechMatch events in Silicon Valley and Europe. In total, 116 startups from 20 countries have engaged with 45+ Silicon Valley-based corporate investors and VCs. As a result, more than 60% of participating startups have succeeded in building partnerships with corporate executives in the USA. In the program, top startups will participate in a 4-day program in Silicon Valley that includes pitch training; 2 (two) ‘Pitch Days’ for startups to present their innovations to global corporations & investors; and meetings with prospects. The program also includes substantial training and coaching of the selected startups prior to their participation in the TechMatch event in Silicon Valley.

Program Elements

TechMatch in Silicon Valley program consists of the following key elements:

  1. Call for nominations
  2. Evaluate & choose the Top 10 startups
  3. Prepare the Top 10 startups – with pitch training & prospect analysis
  4. Conduct the TechMatch Event in Silicon Valley

Selection Process

A review panel of Silicon Valley industry experts, will review the submissions of up to 36 tech companies. Applicants will be ranked on the strength of their: value proposition; business model; relevance to the list of interests from more than three dozen Silicon Valley-based corporate investors and VCs. For example, at the most recent TechMatch event held in October 2015, startups were sought in the following sectors:

  • Automotive innovation
  • Enterprise software
  • Mobile Technologies
  • Finance / banking Technologies
  • Media / Entertainment
  • IoT / Wearables
  • Hardware / Industrial Technologies