Paul Byrne

As I said to someone yesterday, I’ve been given the stage and have taken full advantage!

My mentors David and Jacinta were terrific, I’ve been in front of Cisco and Sonus, the latter I’d been working with in London and was struggling to move them to next stage, meeting their head of innovation here has rubber stamped the opportunity and I hope to have heads of agreements drawn up in the coming weeks for an OEM arrangement

The Cisco head of innovation has given me a task around WebRTC and if I can fulfill, the opportunity is vast!

Also got to meet Adam O’Donnell, a former work colleague of David and Jacinta, this guys is awesome, he sold his security business to Sourcefire which was subsequently acquired by Cisco for $2bn. He was blown away with my technology and has introduced me to his mate who works for a VC in NY who supports businesses at my stage. I’m meeting him in NY early next week

Those were the significant highlights which have my immediate attention, but there were 5 other positives and its not over yet.  If I can get Prith in Accenture to buy into my story and have UC security added to their cyber security portfolio, then I couldn’t have done better.

So thanks to you and your team for making this trip a success, these truly are exciting times for Pbxwall.

All the best,