Stephen Houston

Jeff, Melissa & Jasmine

Please accept Andrew, my & our whole executive team’s whole-hearted appreciation of the significance of the body of work you’ve put in for QuizFortune since November 12th.

We’ve been very impressed with the fast & rapid fire approach you’ve taken to disseminating our messaging [be it right or wrong, our message that is] & translating it to a simple & eloquent commercially viable one for the US.

The placement of meetings, which was diverse by sector, helped us to articulate an understanding of a range of customers needs & how quickly [without check] our messaging could get off course.

I spoke in depth with our Invest Northern Ireland lead for this recent NI Tech Mission to San Francisco, Teresa Madden, thanking her for selecting USMAC as our trade advisory service & especially your specific team as very apt fit to align us & keep [me us in check!

We’re keen to capitalise on this are in the process of completing a RFP for additional work over the next 16 weeks to deliver on our abilities & commitments to you on this project.

Season’s Warmest Wishes