Thank you again and all the US Mac team for the quality of your insights all along the program. We will certainly recommend it to other start-ups planning to go to the US.

Directeur general of Demander Justice

When I arrived in SF back 2 years ago, TEDEMIS had just been acquired by CRITEO. So I did the preparation with Jeff under TEDEMIS but did all the meetings under CRITEO.

Tedemis/Criteo Read More

Aileen and I just want to say a big ‘thank you’ to you and the USMAC team for the past few days.   It is, without doubt, an excellent programme and we took a lot from it.

Cloud KPI Solutions Read More

First of all I would like to thank you Alfredo / USMAC and EI for everything over the past 6 weeks or so. I have to say the 2 weeks in San Fran has been a great experience and most definitely a major eye opener for me on how the business world operates in this part of the world. I can sincerely put my hand on my heart and say I am most definitely a better business person from this experience and I hope that any connections I have made while over here I can build upon.

CEO, Insulation4Us/Build4Less (EI Cycle 5) Read More

Value: The program was highly valuable in accelerating his US Market Entry process. It was not that he could not do the things that we did but it would have taken him much much longer. He is comfortable now about the US market and has a much better understanding of how Silicon Valley thinks and how to appeal to people here to get their interest and support. He has also answered his fundamental questions around the market and the legal system as it pertains to their offering.

CEO, Demander Justice (CapDigital) Read More

Please accept Andrew, my & our whole executive team’s whole-hearted appreciation of the significance of the body of work you’ve put in for QuizFortune since November 12th.

We’ve been very impressed with the fast & rapid fire approach you’ve taken to disseminating our messaging [be it right or wrong, our message that is] & translating it to a simple & eloquent commercially viable one for the US.

Chief Diversity Officer & interim CEO at QuizFortune (Northern Ireland) Read More

Hello Alfredo, 

It was a very useful experience for us to attend the #Techmatch event.

CEO at Zeticon

Alfredo and the US MAC team,

I can’t fully express how much I appreciate your support. I will meet with IBM people tomorrow. Oracle kindly gave me a response. These things never happened without you.

Integratto Inc.

Thanks for inviting me! I thought the event was impressive with lots of energy good ideas and opportunities to collaborate. I am/have connected with quite a few folks from the event and will do my best to collaborate where appropriate.

Sr. Product Manager - Platform Innovation and Partnerships of AT&T

The trip was a huge success and a big thanks from all of us at Kitman Labs for all the hard work you guys have done for us over the last couple of weeks and before that in the run up to the trip itself. We all really felt like we had an immediate support network in the Bay Area, which is a very powerful, but often intangible source of confidence.

CEO of Kitman Labs Read More

As I said to someone yesterday, I’ve been given the stage and have taken full advantage!
My mentors David and Jacinta were terrific, I’ve been in front of Cisco and Sonus, the latter I’d been working with in London and was struggling to move them to next stage, meeting their head of innovation here has rubber stamped the opportunity and I hope to have heads of agreements drawn up in the coming weeks for an OEM arrangement

CEO of Pbxwall Read More

Having gone through the technology accelerator with US Market Access recently I can’t recommend them enough. Any Irish company looking to access Silicon Valley can localise very quickly with David, Alfredo & the team. Great for product/market validation and connections with top level partners. Silicon Valley – it’s Disneyland for entrepreneurs.

Founder & CEO of iTagged Mobile

Working with US MAC allowed us to reevaluate our entire approach – thanks to them we no longer see large corporations like Adobe or Microsoft as unattainable, but instead treat them as potential partners. We even successfully won over the attention of some of those big players and are working towards some of the biggest deals we’ve seen yet. The training and help we received gave us all the necessary tools and allowed us to refocus on what is really important, leaving the small, unknown company mindset far behind.

CEO of AceStream

Just a short note of thanks and appreciate for all your support, excellent advice and assistance during the Bootcamp in Dublin. I really look forward to working with you and appreciate any advice you can offer.

Co-Founder of WhatSalon

The company was approximately 15 months old. We developed a Questions & Answers solution for specific products of customer’s websites. The question & answers are specific to the product. For example, if a company has multiple products, each product would have its own q&a relating to that particular product. Therefore, as questions are asked and answered about a specific product, the information on the page becomes richer over time building a better knowledge base for the next visitor to that page. In 15 months, we were breaking even with customer money i.e. we were revenue generating. We had a lot of traction in the education market.

CEO of Pubble Read More

They gave us remote support to focus our business model in order to understand the target market and in order to make our offer understandable. During this period we had weekly conference calls.
In this phase the added value was mainly to have a point of view, coming from professional and expert people. By the way, our tutors were really very good!

CEO of Raptech Read More

I found the USMAC program to be hugely beneficial. The team (Chris / Alfredo and Melissa) were very helpful throughout. I was given a great mentor who had great good connections in relevant companies. My mentor also gave a lot of insight into the Valley and worked with me on our proposition and pitch style.

CEO of Hiri Read More

We had (have =)) a great product. Some great references. Cash flow positive. Over 100 customers. Been developing the product for over 10 years. Focus on finding more reference customers. Finding out the best way to scale. After that scale fast.

CEO, BizPart Engage Read More

On behalf of Funmedia, I would like to thank you, for all your efforts organizing and executing this great project. We are happy to be a part of second edition READY TO GO. That was a great experience and development for our company.

New Business Developer, FunMedia