Press Release: European Billionaire Launches new Accelerator and Selects USMAC as Silicon Valley Partner

Karel Janecek Commits investment toward New Prague-based Accelerator called GISTin Up.

Menlo Park, CA – April 25, 2016 – US Market Access Center (USMAC), a Silicon Valley-based accelerator, announced today an important new partnership with GISTINUP, a new Prague-based incubator/accelerator, which is being funded by Czech billionaire, Karel Janeček. GISTINUP is located in Prague’s district of Karlín, one of the city’s most intriguing and emerging neighborhoods for the startup community.

The official Czech language press announcement, which was released in the Czech Republic on April 21st, appears below translated to English.


GISTin Up officially launched today. It was established to support and develop startups in the CEE region.

GISTin Up publicly introduced ShipVio, one of the first 7 startups to receive support from the initiative.

GISTin Up also announced a partnership with the US Market Access Center (USMAC) to allow startups in their portfolio to gain access to the Silicon Valley and the US Market.

Prague, CZ – April 21, 2016 – GISTin Up is a new company, based in Prague, that aims to accelerate the development of startups, new products and solutions – and to accelerate the development of the knowledge and skills of the founders of the startups. According to Vítek Šubert, the President of GISTin’s advisory board,

“When supporting startups and the Startup ecosystem, we place a strong emphasis on helping projects that benefit society at large, on the strong personal development of the startup founders, and on creating an environment that enables a rapid and easy launch of the company. We don’t limit ourselves in terms of the stage of development of the companies. You can be a complete novice, be the owner of a patent, or have an existing Startup that is in need of national or global acceleration. We aren’t restricting ourselves to a particular sector or types of business idea.”

GISTin Up was founded by Karel Janeček and Jan Nekovář more than six months ago. They set out to create not only a strong, high quality incubator with pertinent international links, but also to focus on the ongoing development of the entrepreneurs.

GISTin Up will open an incubator and accelerator in the Prague district of Karlín. They hope to attract and encourage development of not only Czech startups, but startups from other countries as well. By working collaboratively with other programs, GISTin Up looks to provide services to the entire CEE region with ambition to grow across all of Europe within the next 3 years.

When asked why the USMAC was partnering with GISTin, Chris Burry, the co-CEO of USMAC responded:

“Both the US Market Access Center (USMAC) and I have had long-term and positive experiences with companies and projects in the Czech Republic and the Visegrad Four countries. When working with Czech startups, we have always been greatly impressed by the quality and technical skills of their workers and also by the entrepreneurial spirit we have experienced.”

Mr. Burry will manage the USMAC’s activities related to its partnership with GISTin. Mr. Burry added:

“The USMAC began offering highly structured market entry programs in 2011. Since then, we have evaluated more than 750 startups and worked with 250+ startups on their US market entry strategy. Today, over 140 of these startups have established a business in the US. Collectively, they have raised over $350m USD in venture funding and 7 have been acquired.”

GISTin UP also introduced ShipVio, the first Startup to receive support from the initiative. ShipVio is an application which links shippers directly with carriers.

“ShipVio is fundamentally changing and improving the way goods are transported on the market today. We enable everyone to carry their shipments at the best price across Europe. Users can access our platform from anywhere via our web-based and mobile applications,”

explains the founder of ShipVio, André Dravecký, a young college student, who has long-term hands-on experience with logistics.
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