Success Case: Volotea, one of the European airlines with the greatest growth, is already managing its documents with Athento

We would like to share with you the case of a customer: Volotea, an European airline. Volotea has been created by the same people that founded Vueling, another popular European airline:

Volotea is one of the most promising European airlines. With 114 routes throughout the continent, in 2012, only one year after its creation, it was touted by Airline Network News and Analysis as being the airline with the greatest growth in Europe.

As an air operator, Voltea has to guarantee adequate training and training surveillance for its flight staff. To do this, the company has the practice of conducting frequent audits of courses that have been held. tourabe These audits don’t just control the courses that are held; audits also guarantee that the courses are valid. Manual control of course documents is a labour-intensive task that takes up too much time and too many resources.

These were the reasons why the company decided to look for a document management application which would allow them to automate control over course documentation for flight staff. They chose Athento’s Smart Document Management because, in addition to the traditional function of document management, it offered them:

  • Processing of reports generated by the Airline Information Management System (AIMS), to monitor the validity of the courses.
  • A system of alerts which advises staff if documentation is missing or out of date.
  • A Google-type contextual search engine which allows users to combine search parameters, in order to access documents quickly.
  • Visualization of documents through profiles. In this case, it’s possible to quickly consult what documentation is in the system for each member of the cabin staff.

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