Lean Founders, Lean Startups – the Low Effort Way to High Energy

The life of an entrepreneur is a demanding one – in every sense. The uncertainty of a early stage business presents new challenges on a daily basis. Many entrepreneurs – especially in Europe – have spouses who also have demanding jobs. Many have young families.

Punch it outThe life of an entrepreneur is chaotic, turbulent, unpredictable. Success requires a rooted base, high energy, excellent health, and an ability to roll with the punches that entrepreneurial life throws your way.

That said, you will have little or no time for the kind of fitness regimen that “9 out of 10 personal trainers recommend.” Your day will be spent on the demands of the business with hopefully a bit of time left for you and your family.

So with a demanding schedule and severe time constraints, how do you find a way to ensure the energy, fitness and resilience you need to deal with it all?

Inspired by the Lean Startup principles you might be applying to your company, you can apply similar “Lean Fitness” principles to your physical regimen. “Lean Fitness” is not a new chain of gyms, but it’s a common denominator for an approach where you get a high level of fitness and energy, with minimum effort. In effect you will be getting the “Minimum Effective Dose” (MED) by focusing on the 20% of fitness and nutrition that impact 80% of the outputs. Pareto applied to fitness and energy.

Lean Startup eliminates waste – unnecessary steps – from the process of building a startup. Lean Fitness likewise eliminates unnecessary steps in getting to a state of high energy and personal well-being.

I am not a personal trainer, and I do not play one on the internet, so this is where I refer you to some of the sources that have informed my choices.

I started with Tim Ferriss’s FOUR HOUR BODY – Tim introduces simple nutritional changes combined with minimal workout training.

Amazon.com_The 4-Hour Body_Timothy Ferriss_

Getting really interested in this stuff from Tim’s book, I went on to read one of his primary sources, BODY BY SCIENCE, by Dr Doug McGuff. Doug’s book is heavier on the science, much of which is based on research at McGill University in Canada. This got got me down to 20 minutes of gym time, once a week. language translator . site down or not And it got me off the damned treadmill! Nice!

Without revealing too much, the very short version of Body by Science is that short bouts of high intensity effort will get you further – health, fitness and energy wise – than the “never ending jog” that pads the pockets of gyms and trainers and wastes the time you should be spending on your business. cameroon tourabe Enough said. Give it a look.

Amazon.com_Body by Science_John R. Little, Doug McGuff

Check it out – let us know what you think!